10 Best Windows Apps for Automation

The concept of automation has taken charge over the world, so it isn’t surprising that there is a rising demand for Windows apps for automation. These are primarily for PCs, so it goes to show that they are high-end and simplify a lot of the tasks on your desktops that you are otherwise bored of doing repeatedly.

Unlike the automation apps for web and mobile app testing, finding equally competitive and functional automation apps for PC can be a challenge.

To make the process easier, we have managed to sort out all the top information you need about the best Windows apps for automation that we think are worth the time

1. WinAppDriver

Amidst all the options available, WinAppDriver somehow manages to steal the cake off the top. It is an ideal option for streamlining mobile and web app testing for any Windows app that you can think of. They also come with a fair share of Windows Controls, WPF, UWP, etc. which we think is unique and exclusive to this automation tool. Also, the testing computing languages that are accessible via this app are pretty great, especially with C#, Python, Ruby, and other languages.

2. Test Architect

Next up on the list of best Windows apps for automation is Test Architect. This is one of those testing tools that use keywords. Also, it uses action-based testing, making it a lot more mainstream and usable compared to the other automation tools for Windows. Users can also get access to an extensive keyword library using this automation tool for Windows, which is something you won’t get access to. Also, it is an open-sourced solution, which is always a benefit.

3. Winium

If you want to indulge in WPF and WinForms app testing on your Windows, Winium is no doubt one of the absolute best options that you can look into. For the users who are completely new to using this automation tool, be assured that Winium is an open-source test automation framework, with a very similar framework and mode of use to WinAppDriver. But it is not as efficient as the latter. You can primarily use it as a tester for your Windows platform to fix some of the bug issues by itself.

4. Ranorex

Not just an automation tool, Ranorex has been an integral Windows app for quite a long time and is a popular name among most developers and software testers. It offers and connects users with different automation technologies that enable users to automate different kinds of mobile apps, web apps, and even desktop apps without any hassle. The app has a very prominent presence in the Japanese market but is gaining rampant popularity on a global scale too.

5. Tricentis Tosca

If you are confused by the name of Tricentis Tosca, don’t be because this one has been around for quite some time now. The advent of the app has made it possible for multiple users to provide a continuous testing platform to the customers without any compromise at all. From service virtualization to API and UI testing, you can comfortably use this for varying reasons and without any compromise. The automation tool is expanding at a rapid rate, becoming a popular name among manual testers.

6. White Framework

If you want to automate thick client applications like Win32, WPF, Silverlight, etc., White Framework is the app that you can blindly rely on. It is an open-sourced and free Windows app for automation from Tech Stack. It does come with a very narrow scope, especially because it targets desktop applications only. Also, you do get access to the CodedUI and White-enabled UI automation library by Microsoft when you use this tool.

7. SikuliX

Before you get confused thinking it’s a completely foreign name that you have no idea about, let us clarify some things. SikuliX is another great but underrated Windows app for automation that you can consider looking into. It can help you automate anything on the screen of your desktop that you can think of. Also, the versatility of this tool ensures that you can use it for Windows, Linux, and even Mac devices. 

8. AutoIt

While we are on the topic of discussing Windows apps for Automation, we knew we had to include Auto It in the list. It is one of the most mainstream, free yet open-sourced auto-clicker apps that will make your life a lot easier than you can think. It has a BASIC-like scripting language that enables users to automate Windows GUI and use it for general scripting too. It isn’t your most advanced and robust automation tool but it manages to live up to the expectations of most users without any compromise.

9. Pywinauto

If you use Python as your go-to computing language, you are going to find Pywinauto for automation needs. Besides python, it can also automate different Windows desktop applications without any limitations. It is a GUI automation library that enables users to automate Windows GUI in no time at all. Also, the text-based actions on this automation tool are quite amazing and are backed with MS UI Automation (UIA) support, which is great too.

10. Jubula

Last but not least is Jubula, which enables users to automate Java applications without any compromise. It comes with a series of automated functional GUI testing for Windows applications. Since it’s developed by experienced software developers and testers don’t be surprised about the long-term maintainability of automated tests. It also provides easy access to broader testing scope, making it a popular choice among developers.


Now that’s all you need to know about some of the best Windows apps for automation. If you were confused about their purpose of use and their availability, we hope this article gives you a clear and comprehensive understanding of it all. Just ensure that you check out the individual features, the extent of automation functions, etc. of each of these apps before you can go ahead and use it on your desktop.

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