Macro Gamer – Download MacroGamer

The gaming industry has come a long way in terms of technology. Today’s games are much more advanced than the ones released a decade ago. The innovation in video games has paved the way for many new tools and software. Most of these programs are developed to improve gamers’ efficiency and success rate in the … Read more

6 Best Minecraft Autoclicker in 2023

6 Best Minecraft Autoclicker

Ever since its inception in 2011, Minecraft has witnessed a series of highs and lows on the internet. It gained peak popularity during the initial release, which was then followed by downtime and Minecraft has now become popular again.  However, with the popularity of Minecraft come a lot of accessory functions. The most important one … Read more

TinyTask Alternatives for Mac

Mac Alternatives For TinyTask

When it comes to automation apps, TinyTask is one of the names that rank on top. It is considered the best automation app for Windows users. It allows you to record all your keyboard strokes and mouse movements, so you can replay them later to automate the process. It is free to use application with … Read more