TinyTask Alternatives for Mac

When it comes to automation apps, TinyTask is one of the names that rank on top. It is considered the best automation app for Windows users. It allows you to record all your keyboard strokes and mouse movements, so you can replay them later to automate the process.

It is free to use application with very small file size. Unfortunately, this amazing app is not compatible with Mac. While you could run the app on Mac using a virtual machine, it is not a preferred method for everyone.

Luckily, many alternative apps are compatible with Mac. You can download one of those applications to meet your automation needs. If you are not sure which TinyTask alternative is reliable, we have got your back.

In this post, we have handpicked some of the best TinyTask alternatives for the Mac platform. Go through the reviews to know more about these apps.

1. Sikuli

Our first choice is Sikuli, an open-source app that allows you to automate everything that shows on your screen. It is a user-friendly application that can be handled even by first-timers. It uses GUI components and image recognition to identify the objects on the screen. With the help of this app, you can automate GUI interaction via screenshots. Additionally, you can store all web elements inside the projects as an image.

This app is ideal for automating flash objects. It can also mechanize adobe players and Flash Games and thus, making coding easier with API. Using Sikuli comes with several benefits. It is the best TinyTask alternative to automate your workflow on Mac.

2. Comindware Tracker

Next up, we have Comindware Tracker, which is an efficient workflow management application for Mac users. Using this app you can optimize, automate, and model business operations. This is made possible by all the workflow management tools that are included in this software. It makes it easier to streamline your business operations.

It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It enables you to manage tasks, connect users, and process data, within no time. It is developed to make your work easier with all the business applications it includes. Some of the examples are request management, chai management, policy management, compliance, and more. Last but not the least, it provides the best collaborative and remote work infrastructure.

3. Portia

Portia is a very popular TinyTask alternative. It is an investment operation platform that drives efficiency by streamlining various operations. With Portia, you can develop a dominant approach toward your work and boost productivity. The good thing about this software is that it can be hosted in the cloud or installed on-premises.

Dynamic customization options with modular design and open architecture allow you to integrate the software with various systems. It is because of these features that Portia is preferred by users all around the globe. It eliminates manual work with real-time integrations with applications, data providers, and devices.

4. Atbswp

If you are looking for a minimal macro recorder similar to TinyTask, then Atbswp could be the best choice for you. It can easily automate functions on your device. By using this software, you can spare yourself from repeating the same task again and again. It includes dedicated hotkeys to start/stop the macro recording. It also allows you to change the default hotkeys if you are satisfied with them.

Atbswp is designed to make your work easier. It automates repetitive tasks, so you don’t need to waste your time performing unimportant functions. With the help of this simple app, you can record all your keyboard and mouse activities and play them later while performing the same task. Like TinyTask, Atbswp is also portable, meaning you can carry it on a USB drive. The simple interface helps you to focus only on recording your keyboard and mouse movements.

5. Scrapy

Scrapy is primarily designed for web scraping that is written in Python programming language. It allows you to extract data using APIs, and crawl any web you want. Like TinyTask, Scrapy is also free to use. Using this app, you can extract data from web pages.

Another good thing about Scrapy is that it can be deployed with the cloud. Alternatively, you can use the software to host the spiders on your server. Scrapy is versatile software that is compatible with several platforms and not just Mac. It also allows you to plug in new features at your convenience.

6. RunMyProcess

Next in the line, we have RunMyProcess, nimble low-code software that promotes digital transformation for enterprise applications. It includes an advance digital Suite to automate your business operations. By doing so, you cannot only streamline your business processes but also boost productivity.

It enables business ecosystems to drive their business with ease. You can easily integrate the software with various systems such as G-Suite, Salesforce, and others. It comes with many digital solutions that make it easier for you to share the assets and resources that are essential for your business. Some of the notable features that are worth mentioning are high-end security, dynamic data stores, access control to linked systems, and IoT integrations.

7. Quicksilver

You should opt for Quicksilver if you want a fast and free alternative to TinyTask for your Mac. It is a highly efficient app that gives you the power to manage and control your device. It will learn your habits to make work easier for you. It is packed with many great features that make it stand out from other apps.

Using this app, you can easily access documents, applications, music, contacts, and much more. It can also help you to browse your device’s file system using keyword matching. The drag-and-drop tool makes managing content simple and easy. You can also install plugins to interact with installed applications on your Mac.

8. Automator

Many of you probably already know about Automator. It is one of the most popular automation applications for Mac users. By installing this app on your device, you can automate repetitive tasks to save time. Unlike other macro recording apps, you don’t need to deal with complex programming while using Automator.

It allows you to create automation by simply assembling individual steps into an Automator workflow. It comes with hundreds of actions to make your work even easier. Using the ‘watch me do action’ option, you can record an action such as controlling an app or pressing a button. This recorded file can be replayed later as an actor in a workflow.

9. Action(s)

If you want completely free automation software, look no further because Action(s) is what you need. It is a fast and efficient automation tool that allows you to create workflows to accomplish repetitive manual tasks quickly. Unlike other similar apps, it doesn’t require you to know scripting languages. You can simply create an automation workflow by using the drag-and-drop tool. This is what makes it a perfect tool for newbies.

With Action(s) you get direct control and access to much functionality on your Mac device. These include photo editions, file management, emails, and the internet. It also allows you to download additional action packs.

10. Typinator

With Typinator you never have to repeat the same actions. It is a powerful automation tool that is designed to boost productivity and eliminate errors. You can use this tool to type your name, home page URL, email address, or other phrases.

Typinator can also be used to insert images of signature, company logo, and location plan into documents. When you are typing manually, there’s a risk of making spelling errors. But using this tool will spare you from facing such issues. Since this is a user-friendly app, anyone can handle it without complications.

11. yType

yType is another great option to choose. It is a reliable productivity tool that is designed to improve your typing ability. Just type a few characters to paste a larger block of text. You can use this tool to type anywhere on your Mac.

If you are tired of typing the same email address, URL, or response letter, you will find this app useful. With the help of this app, you can put an end to all such repetitive typing tasks. It is a free app, so you can use it all you want without paying any money.

12. QuicKeys

Lastly, we have QuicKeys which makes it easier for you to use your Mac. It can be used to automate various actions, including your daily activities. Not just that, but it can also handle tedious things.

It allows you to automate your device in two ways: shortcuts and abbreviations. The former is the collection of one or more steps that performs specific tasks and the latter includes words that you type, which is then replaced with longer texts.


1. What is TinyTask?

TinyTask is one of the best automation tools available for Windows users. It is capable of automating your mouse clicks and keystrokes. It also has other features such as recording that make it stand out from other automation apps. The only drawback is that TinyTask is not compatible with Mac.

2. What are some of the best automation apps for Mac?

Numerous automation apps work with Mac. Some of the best ones are Sikuli, Portia, Scrapy, QuicKeys, and Typinator. With the help of these apps, you can easily automate your tasks on Mac.

3. Is Sikuli an open-source app?

Yes, Sikuli is an open-source app that helps you to automate everything on your screen. It is an easy-to-use app that uses image recognition and GUI components to identify objects on the screen. This app is ideal for automating flash objects. It’s the best automation tool for Mac.

4. Is Portia automation worth it?

Portia is an excellent automation app for Mac. It helps you to boost productivity by automating your tasks. Unlike other automation apps, it can be installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud. It also offers customization options and supports integration with other software.


By now you should have an idea of all the automation tools available for Mac. Instead of using a virtual machine to run TinyTask on your Mac, you can simply download one of these mentioned apps and automate your workflow. Most of these apps are free and easy to use. You should pick the one that is most suitable for you.

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