Get Auto Clicker for Chrome: What are the Options?

Automation is streamlining the facet of user experience, making it easier for people to optimize their productivity without any complaints along the way. The concept of the auto clicker isn’t new and it allows users to automate their repetitive tasks and actions on different devices and platforms.

In this case, you can get an auto clicker for Chrome and call it a day. Not only does it improve the speed and efficiency, but installing an auto clicker also allows you to automate different tasks on your Chrome that you didn’t think were possible. 

But, since the concept of an auto clicker is still foreign to some people, it isn’t surprising that many users are still unsure about installing an auto clicker for Chrome.

This article will highlight everything that you need to know about auto clicker for Chrome and your available options.

What is an Auto Clicker for Chrome?

Auto clickers are lightweight automation tools or software that allows users to automate repetitive or mundane tasks on Chrome to save them time.

These are also known as Macro keys that allow you to record and save a repeated task and then press that one key to perform that action automatically instead of having to do it manually.

You can record different kinds of mouse clicks or keystrokes that you repeatedly perform on Chrome and automate them for the next time you perform the same task.

How Can One Download and Install Auto Clickers for Chrome?

The concept of auto-clickers isn’t fairly new but it is gaining gradual prominence in recent days. So, if you are sitting here confused about how to download and use auto clickers on Chrome, there are a few workaround methods you can check out.

Let us walk you through each of them:

1. Use the in-built auto clicker for Chromebook

If you own a Chromebook, chances are that you’d already have an in-built auto clicker that you can use to automate certain tasks. This is something that not many Chromebook users are aware of. So, given that you already have the feature available, there is no need for you to download and install a third-party tool for the same.

Here’s how you can use the in-built auto clicker on Chromebook:

  • Open the Time Setting or you can press down on Alt + Shift + S to open it via the shortcut
  • Under that, tap on Advanced
  • Navigate to the Accessibility features and tap on “Manage Accessibility”
  • Under that, go to Mouse and Touchpad
  • Once you expand it, you will find an option “Automatically Click” 

You can enable that feature and customize this intelligent cursor by adding a few tweaks according to your choice.

2. Use the auto clicker from the Chrome browser

Another direct way of using an auto clicker on Chrome is by finding the option under your Chrome Settings. This is again one of those hidden Chrome features that not many users are aware of. 

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the Settings on your Chrome
  • Navigate to the “Advanced” option
  • Go to the Accessibility option and tap on Manage Accessibility
  • Under that, select the Mouse and Touchpad option
  • Enable the option that says “Automatic clicking when the mouse pointer stops”

And, doing so will allow you to enable the auto clicker and ensure that you can use the automatic clicking feature without any hassle.

3. Using Chrome extensions

Next up on the list of ways to enable an auto clicker on Chrome is by using the Chrome extensions tab. The steps are pretty simple; just ensure that you have a working internet connection for this.

That said, follow the steps next:

  • Open the Settings in your Chrome browser
  • Tap on Extensions, which will redirect you to the Chrome Extensions manager page
  • Tap on “Open Chrome Web Store”
  • In the search bar, type Auto Clicker and scroll through the search results
  • You can install the first auto clicker that appears in the search result by tapping on Add to Chrome

Once the extension is added to Chrome, you can follow the instructions to record and automate certain tasks on Chrome that you otherwise are tired of doing consistently.

What can you use Auto Clicker on Chrome for?

Now that you have a few ideas about installing and using auto clickers on Chrome, the follow-up question is, “What will I use it for?”

If you are a novice who doesn’t have much idea about auto clickers, the following are some instances you can use the auto clickers for:

  • Gaming – This allows the users to perform some of the in-app functions that are repeated and can become tedious at times. It can include shooting and firing which are basic functions but automating them makes your life a lot easier.
  • Data entry – Another reason why you might need auto clickers for Chrome is for data entry work. Since data entry is already a boring, repetitive, and monotonous task, including an auto clicker allows you to streamline the user experience and simplifies the task for you to an extent.
  • Software testing – Lastly, if you test different kinds of software online, especially via Chrome, you are going to enjoy using an auto clicker because these come a lot in handy. You can use it to automate different functions, especially when you are testing out different parts of the UI elements in the software. 

The use of auto clickers or macro keys isn’t going to die anytime soon. So, if you want to stay on par with the trend, we’d recommend that you look into understanding its features and benefits as we have discussed in this article.


Auto clickers for Chrome are a step ahead in the right way. Not only do they streamline workflow, but they also cut out a lot of repetitive and boring tasks from your roster, allowing you to focus on the actual important tasks instead. However, familiarizing yourself with the auto clicker feature can take some time. So, understand the basics and use it multiple times on Chrome to make the most out of it.

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